How to Share the Streaming Magic – Introducing Disney Plus SharePlay

Are you ready to take your Disney Plus streaming experience to a whole new level? Imagine watching your favorite Disney shows and movies with your friends and family, no matter where they are. Well, you can stop imagining because Disney+ SharePlay is here to make it a reality! If you’re a Disney+ subscriber using an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, get ready to dive into a shared streaming adventure like never before. Let’s explore the enchanting world of SharePlay and discover how you can enjoy the magic together.

Unlocking Shared Streaming Wonders

SharePlay allows Disney+ subscribers to create a synchronized streaming experience while being on a FaceTime call with their loved ones. Here’s what’s in store:

  • Seamless Transitions: With the Picture-in-Picture mode, you can seamlessly switch between your FaceTime call and the content you’re streaming. No need to choose – you can have both!
  • Pass It On: Want to watch on a bigger screen? Pass the content stream to your Apple TV for a more cinematic experience.
  • Synced Joy: Everyone in the SharePlay session stays perfectly in sync, so you can laugh, gasp, and react together.

Unveiling the Disney Plus SharePlay Secrets

Before you embark on your shared streaming journey, here’s what you need to know:

  • Prerequisites: To start or join a SharePlay session, you’ll need an active Disney+ subscription, a supported iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV with the latest iOS, iPadOS, or tvOS version, and the most recent Disney+ app version installed.
  • Content Delights: During a SharePlay session, you can stream content from the Disney+ library in your region. Just remember, each participant can only watch content they’re authorized to view. Kids’ profiles, however, won’t be able to enable SharePlay.
  • Global Connection: Yes, you can start or join SharePlay sessions with friends and family across different countries or regions. Keep in mind that content availability might differ based on location.

Setting Sail on the SharePlay Adventure

Ready to embark on this shared streaming voyage? Here’s how you can start- or join a SharePlay session: 

  • Launching the Magic:
    • iPhone and iPad: During a FaceTime call, swipe up from the bottom edge and open the Disney+ app. Choose a show or movie, hit Play, and if prompted, tap SharePlay. Want to continue on your Apple TV? Keep reading!
    • Apple TV: Press and hold TV/Control Centre on your Apple TV Remote to open Control Centre. Select your user, tap SharePlay, choose Start on Apple TV, and confirm on your iPhone or iPad. And just like that, the magic begins!
  • Joining the Fun:
    • iPhone and iPad: In a FaceTime call, tap Open next to Join SharePlay. Once accepted, you’ll be back to watching your content. To return to the call, simply tap the picture-in-picture tile.
    • Apple TV: Open Control Centre on your Apple TV by pressing TV/Control Centre. Select your user, tap SharePlay, choose Start on Apple TV, confirm on your devices, and accept the prompt on your Apple TV.

Enhancing Your Disney Plus SharePlay Experience

Troubleshooting the Enchanted Experience

Facing issues? Make sure your device is supported and running the latest software version. Also, ensure that your content rating matches your profile settings. Need more help? Reach out for a sprinkle of extra pixie dust.

Ready to SharePlay your way into a world of shared streaming magic? visit Gather your loved ones, get comfy, and get ready to create unforgettable memories with Disney+ SharePlay!

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